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The Hamilton County Memorial Hospital (Board of Trustees) is an Independent Special District created under Florida Statutes, Chapter 155 via a referendum held November 4, 1952. The Hospital’s Board of Trustees sold substantially all of the operating assets of Hamilton County Memorial Hospital to Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation on December 31, 1994. The current operations consist of managing the remaining cash and investments resulting from the sale.

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Code of Ethics

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Investment Policy

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Meetings are held in the conference room of the Superintendent’s Office at the High School on Hwy 129 (the building is to the right as you enter the campus).   Meetings begin at 5:30 PM.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for fiduciary management of the funds accrued from the sale of the old Hamilton County Memorial Hospital in 1998.   That amount was approximately $2 million.   These funds have since the sale, been invested in the safest, and only, manner allowed by law; our funds management firm is Merrill-Lynch.   The fund currently stands at just under $2.5 million.

Our Board is currently engaged in a cooperative effort, together with the H. C. Development Authority, and the HC BoCC, to support the Rural Health Clinic, which opened in January and is located in the mall across from the Courthouse Annex. We also contribute funds annually to the Hamilton County Public Health Unit for several key projects in Hamilton County in a total amount of approximately $30K each year. We provide two scholarships per year to high school graduates who are academically excellent and bound for health related college studies. Each is in the amount of $1,000.   This award is intended to encourage students from Hamilton County to enter healthcare fields and potentially to return to our area to practice in the future.